Title Obstacles and Closing Setbacks

Avoiding Closing Setbacks

The clock is ticking! Let Ecatco handle all of your closing needs!Closing setbacks cause headaches for everyone involved, but they can be avoided if parties are responsive and responsible. It never hurts to ask your lender, real estate agent, or Title Company for direction.

If you want to examine your loan documents, please request that the mortgage company provide the documents to the title company at least one day early so that you may have a copy for review. A charge that is shown as Paid Outside Closing (POC) can be set forth on the Settlement Statement (HUD) if the title company is advised before closing.

If you will not be present at closing to sign documents and intend to use a Power of Attorney, the following must occur:

  1. The title company must approve the Power of Attorney prior to closing.
  2. Your lender must approve it prior to closing.
  3. The original Power of Attorney must be delivered to the title company at closing for recording with the County Clerk.
  4. The title company must make contact with you via telephone the day of the closing to be certain are alive and well and have not revoked the Power of Attorney.