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Ecatco is your source for all of your title needs.Whether you are buying, selling, building, or refinancing your residential or commercial real property, chances are you are going to need Ellis County Abstract & Title Co.

Ellis County Abstract & Title Company has served the citizens of Ellis County for over 70 years. We are locally owned and operated and believe in investing in Ellis County Communities by our involvement in civic organizations throughout the county.
We are Ellis County's top real estate closing professionals.


What is Title Insurance?

Ecatco is your choice for Title InsuranceA countless number of people are involved in real estate one way or another. The reality of real estate is that it requires a lot of people’s time and effort. Involvement with realtors, builders, developers, lenders, attorneys, surveyors, title examiners, escrow officers, and others, is only the beginning of a long list of people directly and indirectly related to real estate and for that matter title insurance.

The choice of a title company inherently impacts the true value it carries in the eyes of its clients. Our client is our first priority and our mission is to serve. By serving with a knowledgeable and efficient staff, we are able to deliver only the finest product that you expect and request. The true value of a small town business like Ellis County Abstract and Title Company can only truly be experienced once you make your decision to close with us.